Friday, November 29, 2013

NK Fishline Welcomes Our New Floor Manager: Sean Wescott

Being raised with a family that was active in church and community events, I grew up in a culture of volunteering.  From my youngest days as a cub scout and in the youth group of my church I have been taking part in helping out anyway that I could.  My volunteer ‘career’ began as a teenager when my mother opened an office for Habitat for Humanity in our community.  I helped her prepare the space that was to be the office, and once we were functional I took part as a volunteer.  I was the coordinator making endless phone calls to solicit help for projects, and I also made the lunches for the work crews.  When my Pastor stepped down from the Board of Directors two years later, he tapped me as his replacement.  So from a young age I had the privilege of working closely with community leaders as a Board Member and the Volunteer Liaison for the University.  I have also worked for Make-a-Wish Foundation, the American Heart Association, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Progressive Animal Welfare Society, providing data entry and other office support such as setting up and maintaining electronic and hard copy filing systems.  It was all very rewarding work. 

At the Court of Honor for my Eagle Scout award they made it clear that upon receiving this honor I was a ‘marked man’, with a moral imperative help others at all times.  That directive has led me on all kinds of crazy adventures that if ever you want to talk story I am happy to share.  My family also has ministers on both sides of my bloodline, so it is no great surprise that a couple of years ago I began to get the calling from God myself.  In recent times I have been working on my own ministering to and providing help for those in need.  In fact, I was searching for a place to focus my time working to help the disenfranchised of our society, and so I am very happy to have joined the team here a Fishline, since that is exactly what I get to do.  Other pet projects of mine are Women’s rights and the Church of Sacred Motherhood, which is a new church based on the internet.  When I am not doing anything else, I like to work on music, cook, write, go for hikes in our gorgeous woods, and take road trips. 

I am so happy that I am here now working with all of you on this momentous project.  The work you do here is changing the world, pouring out healing to so many ravaged by the side effects of our tattered economy and a world full of fear.  There are so many volunteers at Fishline that it warms my heart to see you all, and to watch what a well-oiled machine you have in place.  With so many working so hard for one cause, it is hard to imagine any kind of limitations to what we can accomplish together.  Thank you all for making me feel at home with your pleasant demeanor and upbeat attitude.  I want you to know that you are each one an inspiration, and I look forward to working with you all as we take North Kitsap Fishline to the next level of growth – and beyond!

Sean Wescott
Floor Manager, NK Fishline

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