Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hailey's Harvest Shares a Big Gift with Fishline's Birthday Fairy Program!

This week Fishline received a gift of $1200 from Hailey Fort of Hailey's Harvest. This award was given to her from the Newton Kindness Organization, formed in honor of Charlotte Bacon who lost her life in the Sandy Hook Tragedy. The award ceremony takes place around Charlotte's birthday and celebrates Charlotte’s life and recognizes the very best of the countless stories of Acts of Kindness by children received from around the globe. Typically, there are approximately 8 finalists and 15 – 25 medalists honored at the event. Hailey was one of the kids who received an award and when asked about her favorite charity, she chose Fishline! This gift will go to our Birthday Fairy program (Hailey's Favorite), Food for Thought, and to help with our homeless. Thank you Hailey for all the wonderful things you are doing for Fishline and the inspiration to our community! ‪#‎nkfishline‬ ‪#‎haileysharvest‬