Volunteer Opportunities

Positions at the Food Bank

Floor worker: 

We receive daily deliveries of purchased and donated food.  Volunteers in the food bank re-package, sort and shelve food and other food bank items.  They also help to keep the area and refrigerators/freezers clean.  Floor workers are also in charge of filling emergency food boxes Volunteers can work a 9 to 12:30 shift, 12:00 to 3:30, or all day. On Wednesday there is also a 3 to 7 shift.  We prefer volunteers to work for the entire day, but there are exceptions and we are willing to work with your schedule.  Click here to apply for this volunteer position.


Receptionists are encouraged to stay the entire shift to maintain consistency throughout the day.  Their duties include answering phones, interacting with clients and community, light paper work, dealing with incoming donations, and staff members.  Careful listening, patience, flexibility, compassion, and a good sense of humor are assets as a receptionist. 
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 Pick Up/Delivery:

Pick Up/Delivery volunteers go to local stores and pick up donated food and deliver the items to the Food Bank.    Produce Pick-Up goes to Central Market at 5 a.m. and picks up large boxes of produce.  Grocery Pick-Up goes to Central Market, both Starbucks, Albertsons, and WalMart to pick up donated food.  These routes usually take about an hour to complete.  Grocery Pick-up usually starts at 7 a.m. Drivers go to the store, pick up the donations, and then brings it back to Fishline and unloads the donations.  Must be able to lift heavy boxes.  Fishline has a van for volunteers who do not have a large vehicle. 
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There are special projects at Thanksgiving and the holidays, and seasonal ones such as the School Supplies Program.  The Saturday of Mothers’ Day weekend, the annual Post Office “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive occurs. Teams of drivers and sorters are needed for this event.  Click here to apply for this volunteer position.

Positions at Second Season Thrift Shop


Cashier’s duties include handling the cash register, cleaning the shop, organizing merchandise, answering phones, and working with customers. Two daily shifts consist of 4 hours each: 9:30-1:30 and 1:30-5:30. Cashiers must be comfortable with money and trustworthy.  Cashiers must be able to stand for long periods of time; bend and lift in order to assist customers; bag items; greet and be courteous to all; and work with merchandise. 
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Sorters/pricers will go through donated items and prepare them to be priced.  There is a lot of lifting, bending, stretching and reaching involved, and volunteers must be able to stand for long periods of time, usually for 4 hours.  Sorted items are then priced and put in the department on the floor.  Sorter/pricers are responsible for keeping the shop clean and organized at all times plus “end of day” clean-up.  Sorters are to be present both before and after the shop opens so the cashier is not left alone.  Click here to apply for this volunteer position. 

Other store positions:

Drivers:  Volunteers are occasionally needed who are willing to drive to sites to either pick up or deliver items for the shop.  These people must be able to lift heavy items (with assistance when necessary).  The use of a personal vehicle is preferred.  Examples include 1) picking up bags and boxes from the shop for delivery to the Goodwill in Silverdale,  2) Going to people’s homes to pick up donations and deliver to the shop.  Click here to apply for this volunteer position.

Ebay Listers:  

This is an “at home” position and for volunteers willing and able to list items on Ebay for sale under the NORTH KITSAP FISHLINE site.  Volunteers are responsible for a listing from beginning to end, which includes: picking it up from the shop; taking pictures of the item; writing a detailed description; checking Ebay each day for questions or sale; answering questions about it on Ebay; and finally packing it up and putting it in the mail to the buyer when sold.  This is all done from a volunteer’s home, so the volunteer must have the following:  1) Digital camera,  2)  Home computer and printer with internet access,  3)  Attention to detail qualities  4)  Room to store item during listing  5)  Ability to take item to post office as needed when sold.  Training will be provided.  Click here to apply for this volunteer position.

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