Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fishline is in Need of Contractors! Can You Help?

We are mere days away from ownership of our new facility – while we are handling the paperwork, there is concurrent effort underway to design and schedule work needed to make the building usable for our food bank.  We have a general contractor, but every bit of donated time, expertise or materials we can invite will help our costs go down.  But we also expect to pay for some of the work, so if you know of professionals who can offer their services for reduced cost, please let us know of them as well.

So, here’s what we need:

Plumbing Contractor – the highest priority.  We need to submit plumbing plans to the City as soon as we are able.  If you know of a contractor, please pass this information to us by Monday.

Electrical Contractor – also important but not an urgent timeline.  We would like your recommendations as soon as possible, but will accept them as late as next Friday.

Construction Materials – Sinks, faucets, wood, drywall, anything like this would help keep our costs down.

Sweat Equity – Do you want to help remove market carpet and finish the floors?  Does it sound like fun to demolish the side building we don’t need anymore?  Want to help us move?  Would you like to help organize the move? Let us know and we can include you on our project teams.

Email us with questions or if you need clarification.  Thank you for your recommendations and for your help.  This is a historic moment for Fishline, and I’m so glad we are all a part of it.

Mary Nader, 

Executive Director

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