Friday, August 16, 2013

Rental Home Needed!

For a family trying to stay together and weather economic difficulties, a stable, safe home is a key to a promising future.  In our area, low-cost housing is in short supply, especially for families, so a local church has decided to rent a house and offer this living space to a screened, eligible local family at no charge to them.  

St. Olaf's Catholic Church has learned the house they have been renting will soon be sold, so they are asking your help in locating a local home that can be rented for a reasonable cost.  If you know of a home or duplex that can be rented for less than $900 per month and is located in Suquamish or Poulsbo, please contact Fishline at  A tax-deductible donation of a percentage of the rent is available for those who would wish it. 

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