Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hunger Heroes: Our Friends at Hot Shots Java!

If you have been to Hot Shots Java in Poulsbo, then you have no doubt noticed the basket of goldfish crackers on the countertop while waiting for your drink. This creative fundraising project, which started with their Fishbowl for Fishline, has evolved into a year long endeavor for the local business.

Leanne Musgrove, the owner of Hot Shots Java, encourages her entire team to get involved with the packing and selling of the goldfish crackers. At a $1 a bag, it's a great snack for all their customers, young and old alike. This week Leanne awarded Executive Director Mary Nader with a check for $500, an amount that had been collected for Fishline from the Fishbowl and goldfish cracker sales alone. This check will go towards Fishline's school supply drive and Food for Thought program, two very important programs for families in need during this time of year.

Special thanks to Hot Shots Java for this fun fundraiser they have created for Fishline. Be sure to join them starting this Friday and throughout the school year for their "Study Buddy" program: Buy One Drink, Receive the 2nd for 50% off when you come in with your books to do homework and study!


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