Wednesday, July 24, 2013

North Point Church Announces the First of Their Hunger Hero Events!

NK Fishline is happy to introduce North Point Church as one of our Hunger Heroes!  Fishline services are needed all year, so we want to encourage a steady influx of food drives and events to meet those needs. By identifying and organizing this activity through the Hunger Heroes campaign, we hope to fill our calendar so that those in need in our community are cared for all year long. 

North Point Church has stepped up to meet that need, and has planned monthly events throughout the year that focus on creating a constant conversation about the ways that people can help those in need in our community.  North Point has been a long time supporter of our food bank.  As the main sponsor of Big Band Dance near the holidays, the event draws in over $5,000 and is typically our biggest fundraiser aside from those arranged by Fishline.  We are pleased to highlight all of these planned events as part of our Hunger Heroes calendar.

In July, North Point will be a weekend drop-off location for one of our most needed items:  fresh garden vegetables.  A wagon will be available to collect items at the entry of the church and on Sundays, when our food bank is normally closed and cannot accept donations. Feel free to come in and have a donut and coffee when dropping off your fresh produce!!

In August, the church will begin to collect supplies for our School Supply Drive and food for our Food for Thought Program.  Stay tuned to hear more about all that North Point has planned!

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