Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Special Thank You to Our Volunteers As We Celebrate ONE YEAR of Fishbucks!

On July 16, 2012, our new Fishbucks Front Market was launched. After 6 weeks of intense evaluation, planning and coordination, the front doors opened and clients entered an entirely different shopping experience. Picking up a shopping basket, they strolled through the widened aisles and took their time wisely spending the new Fishbucks currency. They noticed the sales on the cool black dry-erase board, they enjoyed seeing the food beautifully displayed and smiled when they saw the prices written on the cooler doors.

Right from the start, we knew we had a winning system. Clients immediately expressed their appreciation at the fairness of the system, knowing more food would be available later in the day because no one could take too much. The relief they felt in not having people question their food choices or limit their options was evident on their faces - clients just looked like they were enjoying shopping. Families could shop together and whenever they needed to, another improvement. When we won the 2013 Food Lifeline Award for Client Excellence for our Fishbucks system, it was another confirmation that we were moving in the right direction.

We could have never guessed that the system would work so well right from the start without any significant modifications. But the thorough planning of our Fishbucks team combined with the resourcefulness of staff and volunteers has made it possible for adjustments to be made without interruption for our clients.

Many thanks to all those involved in bringing this idea into reality. Our Fishbucks team worked hard and with great dedication to plan and implement this new distribution model. Their thoughts were always on the client experience, and it shows. We also owe a great debt of gratitude to all the volunteers who rolled with the new system, even though it takes more work to price items and keep the food flowing all day. And all along the way, little improvements were made to smooth out the wrinkles, like wonderful new laminated price tags, a new system to attach them and a clever box of little drawers that hold similar price tags together, improvements made by the volunteers.

Congratulations to you on this anniversary, and thanks to all of you for your unwavering commitment to the service of those who need our help. You are a treasure and a reminder that love and goodness is alive and well in this community.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our Fishline staff, --Mary

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