Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Superstar Girl Collects 100 Bags of Food for Thought Items!

When Christa Bethel asked her daughter Alexis what she wanted to do for her birthday party earlier this month, she had it all planned out: a sleepover with friends, pretty dresses, a "fancy" dinner, bubbly fruity soda drinks in fancy glasses. Pretty much every ten year old's perfect party. Except for one small twist.

Alexis, known by her closest friends and family as "A.J." had one more request: instead of gifts, could she have her guests bring items for Fishline instead?


Christa contacted Lucy Baker, the Operations Manager at Fishline and told them about A.J.'s request.   Lucy shared a "Food for Thought" items list and Christa and A.J. started to put their plan in motion.  The family shared this list with their birthday party guests. A.J. would host two parties --- the "fancy" one with her friends and another one with her family. She asked for items for collection at both parties.


At the party with her friends, classmates, and basketball teammates A.J. asked that in addition to enjoying their elegant snacks and drinks, the attendees help put together Food for Thought bags from the items she collected.


Christa and A.J. collected enough to deliver 100 bags to Fishline for Food for Thought this week!  A big happy birthday to Alexis (A.J.) Bethel for her creative thinking and generous heart!!

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