Friday, April 5, 2013

Fishline Celebrates April's Community Partner: Liberty Bay Chiropractic Massage & Laser Center

For many years, every Monday morning at 5 am Dr. Charlie DeWilde of Liberty Bay Chiropractic Massage & Laser Center starts his week off with a very practical expression of his commitment to North Kitsap Fishline. He picks up produce items from Central Market, destined to be life-giving provisions for the client families who come to Fishline. Quietly, consistently, Dr. DeWilde has been a member of our "unsung heroes" team, those drivers who do one of the most important jobs in the house with the least amount of recognition. He has even been highlighted as one of our featured volunteers.

But when Dr. DeWilde moved his chiropractic practice to Hwy 305 last month, he came up with a creative way to help Fishline even further. Every patient who came to receive treatment or celebrate grand opening day was invited to donate to Fishline and received a discount as a result. Liberty Bay Chiropractic Massage and Laser Center welcomed over 100 visitors and patients. After a very busy day, over $2,000 was raised that could not have come at a better time for our work.

“Fishline is a great cause, and we’re happy to help,” says Dr. DeWilde. “At Liberty Bay, we’re passionate about health and wellness for all, and we’re proud to be part of this caring community. Fishline touches so many lives, and we are honored to chosen as a community partner.” Dr. Thomas Harlan, who has been in practice in Poulsbo 1979, echoed this sentiment. “Wellness is for everyone, and we are committed to caring not just for our patients, but for the community at large.”

As a member of New Life Church in Kitsap, Dr. DeWilde offered his assistance during a several-week food/fundraising drive that the Church wanted to do over the Easter holiday. That drive has brought in over 2,000 pounds of food and opportunities to partner in new and important ways to help the hungry and homeless in our community.

In addition to donating time every week to NK Fishline and annually at Gateway's Day of Hope, Dr. DeWilde has been a long time member of the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce and is the founding chair of the Americana Music Festival. He also performs chiropractic services for children as well as adults. Dr. Thomas Harlan has been a multi-year supporter of Fishline with an annual Patient Appreciation Day, collecting thousands of pounds of food, and he donates services to local school fundraisers.

At Liberty Bay Chiropractic Massage & Laser Center they offer joint, muscle, and arthritis advanced laser light therapy, as well as posture assessments and foot orthotics. Massage therapists Sherry Stanley and Margaret Wilder provide therapeutic and relaxing treatments, and a variety of nutritional supplements and consultative services are also available at Liberty Bay. Roxy Thompson and Amber Hayghe manage reception, and Michelle Michealis coordinates billing. Beyond providing pain relief, our entire staff strives to provide the best possible customer experience, and we look at total healing for our patients, in ways that can enhance their lifestyles while improving overall well-being,” says Dr. DeWilde.

This total healing approach is reflected in the continued good deeds that the business has shared with our community. In a time when we might wonder if how a person can make a difference, we can follow the examples of Dr. Charlie DeWilde and Dr. Thomas Harlan, who teach us through example. It is with great gratitude that we select Liberty Bay Chiropractic Massage & Laser Center as April's Community Partner.

Liberty Bay Chiropractic Massage & Laser Center is located at 18657, Highway 305 in Poulsbo. You can reach them by phone at 360-779-7800, visit their webpage at and "Like" their Facebook page!


  1. Drs. DeWilde and Harlan and Staff: great job! Fishline - what a wonderful story - thank you.

    Liberty Bay patient Lisa Martin

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