Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fishline Celebrates March's Community Partner: Blue Heron Jewelry

For the second Christmas in a row, Blue Heron Jewelry has organized a fundraiser for Fishline that has been an extraordinary success. By offering their customers a coupon for a significant percentage off their purchase price, Blue Heron donates that reduction to Fishline. In this way, customers receive a great deal and donate to a great cause at the same time. It is an elegant, innovative holiday tradition for which Fishline is very grateful. A total of almost $6,000 has been raised between the two campaigns, an amazing gift that comes at the perfect time to help many families during the winter months. 

Throughout the year, Blue Heron and its owner, Leo Fried, also assists us by analyzing jewelry that is donated to our thrift shop, Second Season, to determine its value and assure we sell the pieces for what they are worth. This is a service that helps us raise money all year, something we could not do without their expertise.

Blue Heron is a friend to Fishline and its clients, expressing its support in many ways over the years. It is with our gratitude that we select this fine merchant as our Community Partner of the Month for March.

Blue Heron Jewelry Located on Front Street in the heart of Historic Downtown Poulsbo, between Sluy's Bakery and Jensen Way NE.  Please visit and "like" their Facebook page!

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