Monday, December 3, 2012

Won't You Give Us A "Ham?!"

When you're out and about, gearing up for Christmas, don't forget about your neighbors in need.  At NK Fishline, we are busy preparing collecting and preparing Christmas baskets, as well as accepting donations for our Toy Shop

Won't you give us a "HAM?" Here are our most needed items this week:

- Ham (for Christmas dinners)

- Canned Sweet Potatoes

Toy Shop donations will be accepted until THIS THURSDAY, December 6th at the following locations:


Chamber of Commerce ​, 19351 8th Avenue, Ste 108

NK Herald​​​​, 18887 State Hwy 303

1st Security Bank​​​, 19519 7th Avenue

Farmer's Insurance​​​, 19168 - B Jensen Way​

Sport Haus​​​​, 19505 7th Avenue​

Poulsbo Parks and Recreation, ​​19540 Front Street

Poulsbo Fire Station, ​​​911 Liberty Road

First Lutheran Church​​​, 18920 4th Avenue​

Hostmark Apartments​​​

Poulsbo Athletic Club​​​

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