Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Does A Facebook "LIKE" Mean to NK Fishline?

Facebook is such an incredible sharing tool. The social media service recently launched a campaign, emphasizing the different ways that Facebook connect us:  chairs are like Facebook, bringing people together around a dinner table, living room, sharing meals and chats; cake is like Facebook, bringing people together to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other events.  Time and time again, it demonstrates how people all over the world can influence and change others lives, just with a simple "SHARE."

At NK Fishline, we would like to encourage you to not only "Like" our page, but to share it as well.  When sharing our message, not only are you supporting NK Fishline, you are also sharing a message that may reach those that can utilize and benefit the most from the services that we offer.

Currently, we have 200 "likes" on our page.  If each of these people shared our page with their friends, family, and community -- suddenly, those 200 people in our online community have utilized their own Facebook pages as billboards of information that could help others. 

Recent changes have made Facebook for business and group pages a little different. Did you know that "liking" a page doesn't guarantee that you will see our posts if you don't visit our page often?

Here's how can you make sure you see all of our announcements after "liking" our page:

When you hover over "like", click on "Get notifications" & Show in News Feed" so that you continue to see our posts. When you see the check marks, you have turned on these options.

It's fun to share cute pictures and updates, especially to our friends and family.  But when you share NK Fishline's Facebook page or one of our announcements, you are sending out a message that could change someone's day, week, month or life.  Not only do we solicit volunteers, donations, and support for our food drives -- we also send out announcements about free community meals, Holiday meals, and information about the resources we offer and help we provide -- including our front market and emergency resources for families in need.

We hope you will not only join our online communities, but share them with others as well.   Click here to join us on Facebook, and here to follow us on Twitter.

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