Thursday, October 1, 2015

Props with Purpose: Kitsap Weekly

 The midcentury ceramic lamp with floral design in relief had a story, had witnessed an actress’s home life in Beverly Hills, provided a comforting glow in an apartment overlooking a park in Signal Hill, and made a statement in my home for 17 years.
And it was time for this sentimentalist to let it go.

It wasn’t easy — it had long belonged to my dad and stepmom, gifted to them by the family friend who had inherited it — but taking it to Second Season Home Store somehow made letting go … painless.

At Second Season Home Store, all proceeds from sales support North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank & Emergency Services. And items sold at Second Season Home Store find themselves in a good home for a good price.

“You can give new life to some forgotten things,” said Felicia Kratzer, the home store’s new manager. “You can sell that item in a yard sale, but that’s not the answer. Fishline has a tried and true history of helping people, so you can feel good [about donating it to Second Season]. You’ll never know how you helped someone who needed a little bit of a hand up.”

In short: Garage space saved, an item gets new life in a new home, and another strand is woven into the local safety net.

Second Season Home Store is tucked away on 3rd Avenue near City Hall, in the former North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank, which moved to Viking Avenue in May 2014.

This post was originally published in the North Kitsap Herald on Oct 1, 2015.  

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