Friday, June 12, 2015

Hailey's Harvest Drops Off Items for the Homeless!

Today Hailey (Hailey's Harvest) and her family dropped by Fishline with the following items for our homeless clients: a check to cover the cost of 10 PO boxes for a year, I was able to give North Kitsap Fishline a check to cover the cost of 10 PO boxes for a year, 11 tents, 18 sleeping bags, 14 backpacks, 10 phones, 14 tarps, 4 portable showers, 30 ID pouches, 10 packages of batteries, 40 packages of antibiotic cream, 4 cases of Hot Hands, 24 first aid kits, 9 feminine hygiene products, 50 traveling sunscreen packets, 4 cases of Advil, and a package of diapers. She received all of these donations through the registry she set up on Amazon after meeting with us about the best way she could help the homeless. Thank you Hailey for your AMAZING work and to all who donated to her. These items are greatly appreciated and will be distributed through Fishline to help those who need them the most! You can visit the Amazon registry here:… and her website here: to learn more about Hailey and her projects.

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