Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Letter to Our Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

As we prepare to close out another eventful year at Fishline and Second Season, we look back with wonder and appreciation for all the miracles that it are so easy to take for granted. Every day, our food bank and thrift store are graced with donations large and small, each one coming with a message that our community joins us in our mission. Because of the scores of volunteers who work tirelessly and without complaint, we turn these donations into sustenance and life-giving security for the many neighbors who are humble enough to ask for our help. Sometimes, we are a port in a temporary storm, other times making it possible for a non-living wage to be enough, but always we love and care for our most vulnerable with respect and hope.

These are not easy jobs -- this work can deplete you, and it can even make you wonder if we will ever see a time when the need is not so great. But we are undaunted…we return, time and again, knowing that what we do matters. Ask any of our clients, and they will tell you. It is unimaginable to consider how our community would fare were it not for what we do. Hunger and homelessness are always real threats, and it is by our continued vigilance that we keep them at bay. Somehow, as the need grows and our buildings seem to shrink, we make it work…we remain civil, we are kind and helpful toward one another, we cleverly stretch our resources to benefit all.

2014 already looks to be a very special year in the history of Fishline. We will open up the space in our food facility, thereby opening up possibilities to help in ways we could never have considered in the past. We will learn more about the dynamics of helping and what people need most when they encounter a crisis. And we will count our blessings once again because we will do this all together.

On behalf of Fishline’s Board of Directors, its ever-grateful clients and the community you serve, I thank you for your devotion, your energy, your ideas and your inspiration. May you and yours experience the peace and tranquility of these holidays, knowing that our community is stronger because of you.

Executive Director,
North Kitsap Fishline

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