Monday, September 9, 2013

Fishline Celebrates September's Community Partner: Marina Market

Marina Market has long been a supporter of Fishline.  Located in downtown Poulsbo, the speciality store accepts donations all year round.  Andrea Rowe, the owner of Marina Market has served on Fishline’s Board of Directors, and is always willing to support our endeavors.


In it’s second year, the Poulsbo Brew Crawl, sponsored by Marina Market -- raised over $3200!  This money will be dedicated to Food for Thought, our weekend meal program for children in need.  This fun event brought together three Poulsbo breweries:  Slippery Pig, Sound Brewery, and Valholl Brewing, and invited customers to fill their Brewery Passports with stamps that earned Fishline money with each purchase.  The event culminated with a BBQ at Fishline on Sunday, August 25th -- where people were could eat, drink, and take tours of the food bank. 

Andrea shares her motivation with us on her passion for Fishline, "I grew up in and around Washington D.C.. As a child Activist, I saw then what I still believe today- you cannot strive for Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness without Life.  In this case Life being as simple as a daily meal.

Most of the people in these United States came here looking for a new and better lives for their families.  I don't believe anyone came here to be hungry or homeless, they came looking for dignity.  Dignity is what Fishline gives to our neighbors, and that is why I love everything about it and its care giving people."

Many thanks to Andrea and to Marina Market, our Community Partner for the month of September.  We love your creativity when putting the “FUN” into “fundraising” and are so grateful to have neighbors like you!

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