Monday, June 17, 2013

A Sad Day for the North Kitsap and Fishline Community

It is with a sad, heavy heart that we tell you about the passing of our beloved Camille Meyers.  Since we informed you last week of her turn for the worse, her aggressive form of cancer spread faster than anyone predicted.  She was admitted into Martha and Mary on Thursday, her family began to gather on the weekend and she passed away on Sunday

This is a blow for all of us.  Camille has been our Senior Volunteer, our cheerleader, our matriarch for over 30 years.  She has helped in nearly every aspect of the food bank and thrift store.  In the early days, she wore many hats because everyone did.  But her kind spirit and her love of the work drew people to her, so she coordinated volunteer activities, designed programs and took care of all of us.  Her curious nature, her desire to never stop learning and her zest for life and this mission kept her involved and relevant all the years she was with us. 

She was, of course, the manager of the thrift shop for many years.  She ran the Toy Shop for years as well, a huge project that requires coordination of many volunteers and the gathering of hundreds of toy donations.  Throughout her time with us, she worked several days a week, often during the shifts most hard to cover.  On whatever day she worked, she inspired a gentle and loyal cooperation, a sign of true leadership.  Even while she was going through cancer treatments, a typically-exhausting scenario, she found a way to come to work and stay as long as she was able.  Several days after she had part of her tongue removed, and could not speak, she showed up at work with a white board in hand so she could keep in touch with her Fishline family.

We will remember Camille forever.  Her contributions are woven into the fabric of our agency, indelible and impossible to duplicate.   

We will let you know when the celebration of her life is arranged – in the meantime, if you wish to prepare a meal for Dick and his family, please let us know and we’ll coordinate our efforts.  Condolences can be sent to: Dick Meyers, 25945 Hwy 3 NW, Poulsbo, 98370.


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