Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fishline Celebrates October's Community Partner: Cuppa Bella

It is an unusual concept - an espresso shop that donates its profits to area charities.  But unusual is OK with Cuppa Bella of Kingston, soon to be Poulsbo, fame.  Because the owner/founder Marcus Croman and his wife Tonya have always been concerned with the needs of struggling neighbors, and this is their way of sharing their success.  With humble beginnings, making scones in a small, used oven, Cuppa Bella has grown to hire dozens of employees and will open their new location in Poulsbo later this year.  The great thing is, the more successful they are, the more local charities will benefit.  

Their philosophy is intriguing.  Profits from the sale of coffee and baked items are placed into a Foundation.  Grant applications are reviewed twice per year and then voted upon by the employees.  The first grant was awarded to Fishline this year for its Food for Thought children's weekend meal program, an enthusiastic vote that was unanimous.  That grant will cover Food for Thought expenses for two weeks, a great head start into the new school year.

We applaud Cuppa Bella for its benevolence and its support of Fishline's programs for children.  Partnerships like this are the best kind of example of Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

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